I just compared a new and an old 5211, and here are some observations.

The box is the same exept the new one can be hanged in display stands (in the store).
The old could as well, but a flap had to folded up leaving a hole in the box.

Paper inside box (users manual) was printed professional on glitted paper, now it seems printed on a standard laser printer. Its also still primarilyin german, and it would (again) have been nice if it was printed in color.

New 5211 it self is printed now only with black – no colors. The old one where in colors which made it easier to use.

The new 5211 now uses a lot of SMD components, which has made the circuit board much niser to look at – not as “messy” as before. They still use some “through-hole” components such as capacitors, big resistors and the main chip MC45027.

The new works as great as the first, but its clear that cutting costs have made the product as a whole a bit worse.

ohh, and btw, they still uses those plastic plugs where you threads the wire through.
I dont like them very much, since they some times pop out and they also limmit the thickness off the used wire. I use Märklins old plugs with a screw – they work great.