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unreliable K-Track turnout motors

Tracks Posted on Thu, January 16, 2014 22:58:34

K-Track tournouts can be unrelaible, and not shift very well.
The reason is a small toung which get liftet when the shifter moves to one end, and this breakes the electrical connection and the shifter looses its momemtum and may not shift at all.Its made to prevent the coils from burning through if someone where to hold the shift button down forever on an older analog switch. In digital the power gets cut after normal 200ms but in that time it may not have shiftet at all.
The solution is to solder 2 very small wires to short out the tounges, so they wont cut the power. Be aware if you are shifting the old fasion way with contact box’es, there will now be a risk of frying the coils if its powered for too long a time.
Solder the wires as seen on the pictures.

Soldering to K-Track

Tracks Posted on Thu, January 16, 2014 22:43:57

Soldering feeder wires to Märklin K-Tracks does not need to be difficult.
Solder the red wire to the small tounges under the track – be carefull and use as little solder as possible, so you dont solder the tounges together. Its also a good idea to solder in the small recess next to the black metal, so the wire fits nicely beneath the track.
Solder the brown wire to the rails, by soldering it to the railjoiners. Again – dont use to much solder, as it may cause a shortcircuit.

Sorry for the somewhat blurry pictures.